Confraternaty of Christian Doctrine (CCD)

What is CCD?



Our Parish CCD Program - Grades 1st through 8th


North American Martyrs Parish Students who attend public school receive their Faith Formation through our parish CCD program which consists of class study and preparation for the reception of the sacraments. The goal of the parish CCD program is to enable and encourage the students to learn more about their faith.


The mission of North American Martyrs’ Religious Education Program is to deepen in our children their awareness and understanding of God’s loving presence in their lives and to strengthen in them the Christian message of justice and love.


Classes begin September 12, 2018 - View online CCD Schedule


The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine was an association established at Rome in 1562 for the purpose of providing religious education. Today CCD refers to a religious education program of the Catholic Church, normally designed for children.




If it is necessary to cancel CCD due to weather or other conditions the stations listed below will broadcast the closing

  • KDKA,
  • WTAE
  • WPXI.


Families will NOT be notified by phone


DO NOT contact the Parish Office or the School for information regarding cancellation of CCD or any other questions regarding CCD


Enter the building through the "OLD School" or DeLuca Entrance – DeLuca Entrance will be locked at 6:55 pm – if arriving late, the school entrance must be used.


For all questions regarding CCD, contact - DONNA LEW-BUECHELor email or call at 412-349-0942 or  (BY TEXT ONLY): 724-986-2557


For any questions related to safe environement or clearance, please contact

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