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Below are the bulletins for the current and previous months.  if you need to access any information from a bulletin that is not showing, please contact Charlotte.

Articles for an upcoming Sunday bulletin must be submitted to the Rectory Office two Tuesdays before the bulletin in which they are to be published.  You may submit to office@namcatholicchurch.org


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Bulletins and Inserts:

May 2018




Please Pray for the Sick of our Parish:

  • Mary Ann Abbenante
  • Eugenie Antcich
  • Jim Barr
  • Jim Behe
  • Gladys Bronick
  • Mary Lou Brown
  • Ray Castner
  • Rosalie Cordasco
  • Matt Costa
  • Patricia Costa
  • Frank Cozza
  • John DeCenzo
  • Ken Cravotta
  • Theresa DeVito
  • Bill Diehm
  • E. Family
  • Tom Elko
  • Malcolm Anthony Francis Ferrao
  • Jane Catherine Ferrao
  • Shawn Anthony Ferrao
  • Nicole Antonette Ferrao
  • Farren Family
  • Anita Farruggia


  • Doreen Franceshini
  • Leanne Genel
  • Bob Gojkovich
  • Karen Gribscher
  • Mary Harrill
  • Christine Huff
  • Henry Kasper
  • Tom Kimicata
  • Jim Koerneke
  • Lisa LaCava
  • Jean Lawton
  • Corrine Malloy
  • David Maola
  • Bernard Matthews Sr.
  • Charles McCracken
  • Joann Merhaut
  • Richard Miller,
  • Lauren Mizik
  • Joe Pedulla
  • Celeste Peleggi
  • Ashley Preece
  • Jacob R.
  • Gerri Ross


  • Christine Samrok
  • Clara Sands
  • Kathy Smail
  • Sophie Stahl
  • Fr. Miro Stelmaszczyk
  • Regina Schwaderer,
  • Linda Tabone,
  • Patty Toohill
  • Helen & Joe Toth
  • Charlotte trexler
  • Mikle urich
  • Clare Valansky
  • Mary Ann Vecchio
  • Theresa Ventresca
  • Renee Venturella
  • Kathleen Vercelli
  • Deborah Walker
  • Roberta Walker
  • Henry Wehrli
  • Sherry Woods
  • Wesley & Alexander
  • Nancy Youthers
  • Betty Yoxall

If you know someone who is ill and who would like their name put on this prayer list, please have them contact Patti Kemerer at 412-856-7294 or at pattiakem@gmail.com no later than Tuesday evening.


If you or someone you know, particularly someone who is homebound or ill, would benefit from receiving a Prayer Shawl, please contact Mary Harrill at 412-372-3181 or at meh227@aol.com.

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