Adult Faith Formation

Conversion is said to be a series of beginnings. Indeed it is. We fall and then with the Lord's grace, we rise again to new life. This process repeats itself over and over again throughout the life of a Christian. Indeed, the road to heaven is paved with many blessings, setbacks, and detours. As such, we can't make this journey alone. With ongoing conversion, there needs to be ongoing adult faith formation. More specifically, the disciple of Christ is continual need of revealed truth and life-giving grace. This is why the U.S. Bishops remind us that "adult faith formation must become our chief catechetical priority." (Our Hearts Were Burning, #25)


Recent history bears witness that if adults are not well-formed in the Faith, the younger generations will lack formation as well. But with solid and vibrant adult faith formation programs, a personal relationship with Christ is better fostered among parishioners, the Sacraments begin to take on more relevance to everyday life and the motivation to share the Good News with those outside the flock is awakened. From there, the good work of catechizing children by the local parish is more likely to be reinforced by well-formed parents. In short, the benefits are incalculable!


Because this topic encompases a wide variety of information, NAM has a site dedicated solely for Adult Faith Formation which you may access here.


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